Learn what it means
to live with SENERGY.


If the God of the universe allowed you to know Him more intimately than anyone else,
would you want it?
If He allowed you to hear His heart, His desires, and His insights,
would you hear it?
If He enabled you to live just like Him,
would you live it?
And if He sent you to change the world,
would you do it?

If you knew God’s full purpose for your life,
would you use the one life you have to fully live it?

My friend, if you’re willing to live it, you absolutely can!
Most people blind themselves to God’s purpose for them so that they can  live for themselves. Many people only tap the surface of God and want Him as nothing more than a supplement. But God desires intimacy with you, and He’s provided a way to fully hear and know His will for your life.

If you sincerely press into Him, He will reveal Himself to you and empower you to live the greatest life imaginable. And, of course, it’s only natural that such a life that’s lived fully in God would create monumental effects. We’ve given a name to this full life…


Below you'll find twelve thorough lessons to introduce, fully develop, and launch you into God’s full purpose for your life. Discover how to live with senergy as you learn the four key fundamentals of God’s full purpose. You will truly be inspired, challenged, empowered, and equipped through this teaching to pursue God more than you have before.

Upon completing it, we guarantee that you will not be the same.